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Entrepreneur Internship Program

Over the last 10 years, IBS Advisory has successfully hosted graduates from seven universities/college to undergo its Entrepreneur Internship Program (“EIP”).

Unlike most of the internship positions offer by other companies, our EIP is designed to expose graduates to the entrepreneurship world.  Graduates who are selected to undergo our EIP would have the opportunity to experience and get an insight on how entrepreneurs operate on a day-to-day basis.  This is also in line with the Government’s efforts to achieve at least 30% of graduates becoming entrepreneurs upon graduation.

As Malaysia moving towards achieving a developed nation status by Year 2020, graduates cannot just good at reading, writing and arithmetic.  The emphasis is no longer on acquiring knowledge, but developing thinking skills and real working experience exposure.

Under our EIP, graduates are given challenging tasks to complete.  They are required to come out with solutions to overcome these challenges.  Graduates would be coached and trained to focus on solving the challenges rather than on the challenges.

It is widely reported that many young graduates are poor communicators.  They are not able to communicate ideas clearly, persuasively and credibly.  Our EIP trains graduates to overcome fear in public speaking, presentation skills, self-confidence skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills, leadership skills and others.

It is common to hear graduates complain they were “treated” like office boys, make to do photocopying, filing, invoicing, delivering letters and others.  However, graduates are guaranteed to experience different approach under IBS Advisory’s EIP.  In order to make sure graduates are able to meet our EIP’s objectives, we only select graduates who are serious in learning and acquiring real working experience rather than just joining our EIP to fulfill his/her university/college’s graduation requirement.