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IBS Advisory’s Entrepreneur Internship Program (“EIP”) aims to provide qualified graduates to gain hands-on working experience under the professional guidance.  Graduates would be exposed to real working experience via our in-house developed Experiential Learning Modules.  These Experiential Learning Modules are divided into 3 main areas of learning:-

(1)        20% Games/Team Activities Learning
(2)        30% Class Room Learning
(3)        50% Practical Learning


In addition, IBS Advisory also invests to engage external professional trainers to conduct some of its training programs.

Our mission is once a graduate successful completed his/her EIP with our company, the graduate would have tremendous improvements on the followings:-

(1)        Public Speaking Skills
(2)        Presentation Skills
(3)        Leadership Skills
(4)        Sales & Marketing Skills
(5)        Team Player Skills
(6)        Problems Solving Skills
(7)        Time Management Skills
(8)        Soft Skills


Graduates who successfully completed their EIP would be awarded Certificate of Attendance which outline the areas of learning.  This Certificate of Attendance would increase graduates’ employability which is also in line with our objective to assist these graduates to find suitable jobs within one month upon completion of EIP.

Graduates who perform exceptionally well during EIP would be offered permanent positions with our company.